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Spring Season Performance Program - Feb - June

Free Purchase required to enroll

Show Weekend Date: We are planning for the end of June for our collective Spring 2022 performances on Sunday June 12th at Larchmont Yacht Club Pandemonium in Larchmont. Ask the front desk or check the website mamaroneck.schoolofrock.com for schedule and details.

Show Registration Fee: This $100 fee will be processed at some point before June 1 to cover venue costs, show program, and a collectible commemorative dog tag. The fee also helps cover casting and administrative processing costs, as well as staff for the show dates. For two student family registrations, the fee is $175. For 3 students, the fee is $200.

Spring Schedule: Spring Season school closings include Easter/Passover Weekend (April 15-18) and Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-30). If you intend to be out of town and unavailable for rehearsals during the Feb and April breaks, please notify us so we can plan and staff accordingly keeping in mind we still offer remote lessons via Zoom. We aim to have at least 4 private lessons and 4 rehearsals per month.

Rehearsal Absences (missed, late arrival, early departure): Please note the above rehearsal dates with holiday closings - school calendar posted on our website mamaroneck.schoolofrock.com. If your child will be arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal, please email our staff at least three days in advance. This helps our Show Directors run their rehearsals efficiently. Please note that excessive missed rehearsals will result in fewer songs overall, or may result in songs being recast. Remember that for every song your child is cast on, there are several more kids on the same song. It is simply not fair to the other kids to continually have to postpone running that song.

Casting Songs: Your child will be cast on 1-3 songs to start and they should be aware of the material they have been assigned to learn in lessons. Song casting is always posted for staff and instructors to reference in the school. Students are expected to show up at their rehearsals prepared with instrument gear and folder, along with showing progress, and should be working on their songs at home and with their instructors. Show Directors will cast a student on additional songs only when they have their initial songs down. If a student is continually unprepared on a certain song, and the Show Director has talked to the student and the student’s instructor about the song to make sure it is in his/her ability to play, the Show Director reserves the right to cast another student on the song.

What does your student need for rehearsals?

We require students to protect their ears and bring their own ear plugs (we do have disposable ones in-house but cannot always guarantee availability, they are two dollars per pair of disposable plugs). Guitar/bass students are also required to bring their own labeled guitar tuners, guitar cables and picks. Drummers should have their own sticks. Singers should bring their own lyrics. A refillable water bottle is also suggested.

Students are also expected to purchase their own sheet music for assigned songs or we use the Method App. Instructors will help with directing students to the correct materials for purchase in private lessons.

Presence in the rehearsal room is required throughout rehearsals, learning the material is just as important as playing the material. Casting changes can be made at any time during rehearsal. If you are not in the room, you will miss opportunity to be cast on new songs. In an effort to increase student engagement in rehearsals, cell phones may be collected at the beginning of every rehearsal and returned upon dismissal. If you need to contact your student in the event of an emergency, please call 914-777-1500.

Meals and Breaks: Students 12 years of age and over are allowed to leave campus for a 10-15 minute break with a signed off-premise permission slip. No exceptions for students under 12.

Cancellation policy

As stated on the contract issued at the time of online registration, School of Rock has a 30-day cancellation policy. If you wish to withdraw from the program, adequate notice must be given by email to ensure payment can be stopped one month before a student wishes to discontinue. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Email is our primary method of communication - mamaroneck@schoolofrock.com. Please make sure we have accurate email addresses for everyone in your family who needs to stay informed. And please check your emails regularly! We request you notify us of planned missed rehearsals as soon as possible. Do not discuss lesson rescheduling with your child’s instructor. Instructors cannot make changes to the master schedule, and we rely on this schedule being accurate to keep everything running smoothly.

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