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Master Class

REQUIREMENTS for ALL MASTER CLASSES: Enrollment in Lessons Only Program with 30 or 45 minute private lessons, a working instrument, Zoom.us app, notebook, and device with camera with video and audio capability.

DESCRIPTION: The Ukulele has been the instrument of so many great musicians from across the decades and genres. In this class, we will explore week to week how famous musicians mastered the uke’s unique tone and dynamics as songwriters including Eddie Vedder, Taylor Swift, George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen and Grace VanderWaal - just to name a few!

AGE RANGE: 6-11 years old

WEEKLY SESSION TOPICS: This class will include weekly artist studies, chord exercises, strumming techniques, tuning lessons, song assignments and creative songwriting.

DESCRIPTION: Creating original songs can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences for musicians especially during this time. This age appropriate program teaches the fundamentals of songwriting, arrangement and music theory, and helps students compose original works individually and as a group with peers on a weekly basis with inspiration and unique assignments.

AGE RANGE: School of Rock Mamaroneck offers group classes for students ages 7-11, ages 12 and up, and adults 18 and up.


  • Lyrics

  • Melody

  • Chord Progression

  • Song Form

  • Riffs / Hooks

  • Groove, Feel, Beat, Tempo, Time Signature, Rhythm of instrument parts (phrasing)

  • Subject Matter / Message

  • Instrumentation

  • Production / Overall Sound / Dynamics

DESCRIPTION: As part of the recording and video program, these sessions will focus on best practices for audio recording from home on various devices per instrument and the programs that support production.

AGE RANGE: All ages welcome


  • P.A. Basics

  • Guitar Intonation

  • Recording techniques and devices per instrument

  • Program Mixing

DESCRIPTION: Being a competent musician requires many skills beyond playing your instrument and this is a class for everyone interested in theory, gear usage and performance skills.

AGE RANGE: All ages welcome


  • Practice strategies

  • How chords work

  • Popular chord progressions

  • Chord building crash course

  • Modes of C Major

  • Time signatures and rhythmic subdivision

  • Pentatonic scales

  • 12 bar blues and number system